Gat Creek - Dining, Bedroom, Occasional

Gat Creek has pretty big dreams. A small company in a small town straddling Warm Springs Run, and a stone's throw from the Potomac River, tucked away in West Virginia's misty mountains, employing local craftsmen and women to build solid wood furniture with Appalachian cherry and maple.

Environmentally and worker friendly, using locally sourced materials, Gat Creek is a model for American manufacturing, designing fashion forward styles in a new millennium.

gat creek beds
Gat Creek beds and dressers


Gat Creek dining room tables and chairs

Made in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, vacation home to George Washington, America's first spa.

Stickley - an American tradition

stickley colector's piece 2016
2016 Collector's Piece by Stickley


Stickley eGallery

Since 1900, Stickley - still fresh and modern after all these years.