Stickley 2017 collectors piece
Stickley 2017 Collectors Piece


Happy New Year 2017
The world beats a path to our store.


Stickley Winter Sale - 2017

Expect the unexpected at Traditions Furniture. Save everyday on Stickley and enjoy special pricing on select items. Extra Savings on the Morris Bow Arm and Tsuba recliners, Durango leather recliner, Santa Fe and Arlington Leather sofas, Harvey Ellis tea table, and small bookcase. See store for details.
Sale through February 6th.

Traditions Furniture in Downtown Overland Park and Wichita for furniture and home furnishings from - Stickley, Sherrill, Century, Lexington, Paul Roberts; lighting by Quoizel, artwork from many sources and unusal gifts.

Two blocks west of Metcalf,
79th St. and Santa Fe Drive,
Strang Carbarn, Downtown Overland Park.

Stickley Winter Sale
Special items on Sale thru February 6th



Overland Park can trace its roots to 1905 with the arrival of William B. Strang Jr., an entrepreneur who platted subdivisions, including one named "Overland Park," along a military roadway we call today "Metcalf Avenue". He then built an interurban trolley line to Kansas City so that city dwellers could enjoy the benefits of country living.


The Strang Carbarn which housed his engines is now home to Traditions Furniture.

Mon - Fri: 10 am until 5:30.
10 am until 5 pm.
Closed Sundays.

Questions: phone (913) 649-2429 or email us at