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Max and Mike are available in Pioneer and Paloma leathers. Back to Max.


Pioneer is a full grain aniline leather with a softer touch. It is treated with oils, waxes, and transparent dyes. The full-bodied leather sensation and natural transparent look will gain patina and become even more beautiful with age. On an exclusive leather like Pioneer you will find natural characteristics like color nuances, difference in structure, marks and skin blemishes. The delicate finish gives an exceptional comfort and a striking look, but offers just a light protection. Pioneer absorbs moisture easily and is vulnerable to heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular care and precautions are important to keep the luxurious and elegant appearance.


Paloma leathers are slightly corrected with dyes and pigments that smoothes the grain pattern. However, the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly, and minor color nuances will naturally occur. Natural marks, scars and insect bites will appear in Paloma. A thin coat of lacquer gives Paloma some protection and simplifies cleaning, but Paloma does not have the same heavy-duty quality and protection as Batick and Cori. Due to its soft, natural and comfortable expression, Paloma is a very popular choice.