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Taj Kashan navy


Taj refers to a crown, and Kashan a region of Persia noted for its oriental carpets. This hand-knotted wool rug, crafted in India, contains almost 200 knots per square inch.

The dark blue background color symbolizes wisdom, self-mastery, and spiritual awakening. The leaf motif and tendril pattern is identified with Shah Abbas, a patron of the arts. When he died in January of 1629, the Persian state over which he ruled was stable, strong, and powerful; and the Safavid dynasty would continue for nearly 100 years after his death.


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4' x 6' - 6' x 9' - 8' x 10' - 9' x 12' - 10' x 14' - Runners - 8', 10', and 12' - Custom Size

Taj Kashan rust Stickley rug

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