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modern loft dining and living room studio by stickley

Modern Loft

A unique blend of materials, contemporary design, and carefully curated finishes, designed for the Modern Loft.

Loft Living

Who wants to live in a loft?


Ernest Hemingway and his wife did it, and on the fourth floor. So do many artists. It used to be a question of money, lofts were affordable. Nowadays, the loft is avant garde. It is all the rage. The loft is both classic and laid-back, sophisticated and relaxed. If you currently live in a loft, you know what I mean.


The Studio by Stickley Collections include the serene and beautiful Hawkins bed in walnut, the mid-century Zara chair, the Brower collection, Feng Shui coffee tables and end tables, the old world Shackleford sideboard, and Modern Loft living.

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