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Harvey Ellis

harvey ellis floral inlayHarvey Ellis was an architect, artist, painter and furniture designer who work for Gustav Stickley introduced classic designs involving inlays of ebony, holly, cherry, and other woods. His inlay patterns include elongated floral abstracts, sailing ships, and woodland scenes. Although he died after a brief seven months with Stickley, his influence has had a lasting effect on the design of Mission furniture.

harvey ellis bed with inlay

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Harvey Ellis

harvey ellis floral inlay

During Harvey Ellis' brief tenure with Gustav Stickley, Mission designs demonstrated a "lighter note" in the use of curved lower edges to replace horizontal rails, square spindles became flat slats with inlay designs. As an example, the floral inlay to the near right.

Stickley continues the Harvey Ellis tradition with the introduction of the Meadowlark Cabinet, with its unique inlay pattern (far right) as its 2022 Stickley Collector Piece.