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Overland Park is the dream of William B. Strang Jr., who was born to Irish immigrant parents, educated in the public schools of New York City, and by the age of 15 working in the railroad industry. By the age of 22, he was building railroads across the country and eventually also in Canada and England. After a prolific career laying tracks and establishing the companies that ran engines on them, he returned to Kansas and settled down with his wife, a girl from Wellington, on the beautiful green hills of Johnson County.

statue of william b strang jr.
His vision - a well planned "park-like" community with good businesses, quality education that includes outstanding high schools and Johnson County Community College, tree-lined neighborhoods, green-spaces galore, walking and bicycle trails, and outstanding public parks, ease of transportation and recreation. All the amenities that today make Overland Park a great places to live and work.

Overland Park has grown into second largest city in Kansas, but at its heart is Downtown Overland Park, and a series of stores and shops along Santa Fe Drive from 79th Street to 80th Street. These shops include old favorites like Prairiebrooke Arts, Traditions Furniture, the Culinary Center’s Kitchen Shop, Ten Thousand Villages, Overland Park Art and Frame, some new shops like The Tasteful Olive, and Penzeys Spices, as well as a few beloved places off the beaten path like Peterson's Antiques, Craig Sole's Designs, and Dalton's Flowers. Coffee shops, pie shops, restaurants, and drinking establishments make for a pleasant day.