Nichols & Stone

Nichols and Stone - generations of craftsmen working to perfect techniques of construction and finish.

nichols and stone windsor chairs
Nichols and Stone, it all began with a Windsor chair

In 1762 – when hardline Sir Francis Bernard was Governor of Massachusetts and obstinate King George III was our sovereign, bewhiskered Nichols too numerous to name ran the Nichols Brothers Chair Manufactory in Westminster, Massachusetts. 

Nichols and Stone chairs

As the country grew and prospered, so did the Nichols' chair business. In 1894 Charles Nichols bought out the interests of his brother Marcus, and began a partnership with Reuben S. Stone, creating Nichols & Stone. The company moved to Gardner, Massachusetts, known as “Chair City” in New England”.

In 2008, L. & J.G. Stickley of Manlius, New York, purchased Nichols & Stone and the tradition continues.