The Oldest Furniture Company

With more than 150 years of history as a maker of fine solid-wood pieces, Nichols & Stone is the oldest furniture-building company in the United States. Today, Nichols & Stone builds handsome, comfortable styles, with durable finishes, for an affordable price.

nichols and stone windsor chairs


Nichols and Stone, it all began with a Windsor chair

In 1762, when Sir Francis Bernard was Governor of Massachusetts and George III our sovereign king, several bewhiskered Nichols,operated the Nichols Brothers Chair Manufactory in Westminster, Massachusetts. 

Nichols and Stone chairs

The country grew and prospered, and so did the Nichols' business. In 1894, Charles Nichols bought out his brother Marcus and began a partnership with Reuben S. Stone, creating Nichols & Stone. The company moved to Gardner, Massachusetts, and more generations of Nichols followed.

Nichols & Stone's shield is burned into each piece of furniture, signaling your choice to select fine solid wood furniture made by the oldest furniture name in America.