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oyster bay
Oyster Bay, somewhere where living is casual and relaxed

Where in the world is Oyster Bay?

In America, the hamlet of Oyster Bay on the north shore of Long Island has a legitimate claim to the title of Oyster Bay. On June 4, 1639, Dutch Captain David Pietersen de Vries, in his ship's journal wrote, he "came to anchor in Oyster Bay, … a large bay which lies on the north side of the Great Island… There are fine oysters here, whence our nation has given it the name of Oyster Bay.”

Then too, many places lay claim to having marvelous oysters. One can find them from Florida to British Columbia and around the world. Lexington Furniture's Oyster Bay collection is a casual laid back look of soft whites and greys that complement this tasty ocean delicacy.

oyster bay lexington bistro table
Bistro table and Merrick swivel bar stools



Casual styling blends brighter wood tones, natural textures and relaxed shades of ivory, taupe and gray, with transitional designs - a laid-back sophistication.

ashton sofa lexington oyster bay
Ashton sofa, Litchfield cocktail table



A circle design in the trestle base of the Montauk rectangular table, a signature motif, creates a unique look. The lengthy 88 inch table top comes with two 18 inch leaves, extending to over 10 feet, and accommodating 10 guests comfortably.

montauk dining oyster bay lexington
Ashton sofa, Litchfield cocktail table